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Endless Summer

A welcomed breeze is making its way through crumbling New Orleans streets on this November afternoon. It seems the molten sun has begun to accept its annual defeat; and has been retreating earlier and earlier as this unrivaled southern summer … Continue reading

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Badlands (Early 2016)

Each day I sway over the abyss on the razors edge of identity. On one side of the divide is the person I’d like to be, and on the other is the person I’m afraid of becoming… These two termini … Continue reading

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The Magic of an Ordinary Day (Spring-Summer 2015)

The ebb and flow of work and result can be a frustrating phenomenon. There are periods of time where it seems like multiple projects are concluding all at once, allowing me to bask in the warm arms of well-being; feeling … Continue reading

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Flat Circles Around the Sun. (Hello 2015)

If we are particularly lucky, we accumulate a handful of truly special relationships during our time on this earth… Those remarkable bonds that connect parents and children, old friends, and life-partners. The kind with that special time resistant quality; truly … Continue reading

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The New Orleans Homecoming

Back at the end of my undergrad experience at Tulane University, the prospect of entering “The Real World” was rather jarring. I had been living in a veritable collegiate wonderland and had an open schedule to a degree I would … Continue reading

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DPA Live Gallery at Buku Music and Art Project 2014

It certainly feels weird to write about this now, as the event happened about 2 months ago, but I suppose its better late than never since this effort was definitely a major blip on my personal timeline. March 21 and … Continue reading

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Spring Broke (Life + Work Update, Photoset)

I’ve been keeping myself busy these past few months with Ad School projects, freelance and general adventuring. I completed my 2nd quarter at Miami Ad School, spanning the months of January through March, and then enjoyed a nice spring break … Continue reading

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Buku Music and Art Project 2013 (DPA Live Gallery and Photo Set)

When March rolls around in New Orleans, it means a few things: 1. Saint Patty’s Day shenanigans 2. The beginning of festival season, and more specifically 3. Buku Music and Art Project. In its sophmore year, Buku has done much … Continue reading

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Monotone Winter

During my winter recess from Miami Ad School I drove from Miami through New Orleans to visit my girlfriend, and then up to Chicago for the holidays with my family. Something about being on the road, seeing multiple skylines and … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life: New Orleans Bulldog Rescue

If you haven’t noticed already, I am quite fond of dogs (hence the name of the blog). I think the relationship between human and dog is one of the most interesting and special things that has emerged from our short … Continue reading

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Iacono and Stay by Mar Trunk Show

What can be better than awesome apparel? Awesome apparel with awesome people behind it, that’s what. I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with the creators of the debut Iacono clothing line and Stay jewelry by Mar while documenting … Continue reading

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Borgore, dubstep kingpin and “A young man following big dreams, a private beach and the olsen twins” recently stomped through New Orleans to play BASSIK’s 4.20 installment. The crowd without a doubt “felt” his set both literally and figuratively; it … Continue reading