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North Coast Music Festival (Photoset)

It was such an incredible pleasure to spend August of 2012 back up in my home city of Chicago. Aside from the fact that Chicago is simply the best place on the face of the world to be in the … Continue reading

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What can I say about Lollapalooza that hasn’t already been said? I have attended dozens of different festivals in the past few years, all quite special in their own right. Some of these experiences have been better than others, but … Continue reading

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Fred. (Camp Bisco 11 Art Installation and Decor Liaison)

Once upon a time (last March) my New Orleans family threw a party called Buku Music and Art Project. We had enlisted the help of the talented and experienced minds of MCP Presents to help us promote and run the … Continue reading

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A Look Back: Buku Music and Art Project (Art Programming Reflections and Photoset)

… Where to begin… This festival slowly permeated every layer of my life since I was first told it was happening about 4 and a half months ago. Having worked with Winter Circle Productions for about 2 years, I had … Continue reading