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Reflections in Canals | Amsterdam Life & Work

There’s no way I will be able to relay in words exactly what effect this 10-week-long experience of living and working in Amsterdam has had on my life. All I know is that the impact my time in this city … Continue reading

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The Miami Exodus

As I begin writing these words I am laying in the bed I slept in most of my childhood growing up in Chicago. I am currently at home in Oak Park for a few days after having left Miami after … Continue reading

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What can I say about Lollapalooza that hasn’t already been said? I have attended dozens of different festivals in the past few years, all quite special in their own right. Some of these experiences have been better than others, but … Continue reading

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Fred. (Camp Bisco 11 Art Installation and Decor Liaison)

Once upon a time (last March) my New Orleans family threw a party called Buku Music and Art Project. We had enlisted the help of the talented and experienced minds of MCP Presents to help us promote and run the … Continue reading

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Iacono and Stay by Mar Trunk Show

What can be better than awesome apparel? Awesome apparel with awesome people behind it, that’s what. I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with the creators of the debut Iacono clothing line and Stay jewelry by Mar while documenting … Continue reading

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Borgore, dubstep kingpin and “A young man following big dreams, a private beach and the olsen twins” recently stomped through New Orleans to play BASSIK’s 4.20 installment. The crowd without a doubt “felt” his set both literally and figuratively; it … Continue reading

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Lykke Li | 11.21.2011 @ Tipitina’s New Orleans (Photoset)

Lykke Li is damn cool. The Swedish born singer-songwriter has been experiencing notable success recently, selling out shows on her U.S. tour, and being remixed heavily by premium producers and DJs. I was lucky enough to attend the last show … Continue reading