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The Graffiti Bat-Mitzvah

DPA recently worked with a long-time client and friend to create an awesome space to celebrate her daughter’s 13th birthday and Bat Mitzvah. The two of them ended up perusing this blog and the coverage of the Bomb Threat parties … Continue reading

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A Look Back: Buku Music and Art Project (Art Programming Reflections and Photoset)

… Where to begin… This festival slowly permeated every layer of my life since I was first told it was happening about 4 and a half months ago. Having worked with Winter Circle Productions for about 2 years, I had … Continue reading

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The Brickyard Boxes (Photoset)

The affectionately dubbed “Brickyard Boxes” are a set of large shipping containers that sit in a mostly empty lot in the Bywater, New Orleans and run up against the parking lot of the newly developed Ricemill Condos. Friend and nationally … Continue reading