My Current Freight of Mind

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(Quick disclaimer: I am neither a participant or accessory in painting freight trains. These photos and words come from the viewpoint of an outside observer.) At the mentions of freight trains and railroads, the minds of the general public will … Continue reading

Abby Dixon

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I recently had the pleasure of bringing model Abby Dixon into the studio for a fun, laid back shoot. I needed a certain photo for a final assignment in one of my Ad School classes, but we shot a bunch … Continue reading

Monotone Winter

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During my winter recess from Miami Ad School I drove from Miami through New Orleans to visit my girlfriend, and then up to Chicago for the holidays with my family. Something about being on the road, seeing multiple skylines and … Continue reading

The Miami Advent

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It has been too long since I have updated this blog! My life has been consumed by Miami Ad School and my new adventure in South Florida. So much has been happening that it has been hard to find time … Continue reading


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What can I say about Lollapalooza that hasn’t already been said? I have attended dozens of different festivals in the past few years, all quite special in their own right. Some of these experiences have been better than others, but … Continue reading