Endless Summer

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A welcomed breeze is making its way through crumbling New Orleans streets on this November afternoon. It seems the molten sun has begun to accept its annual defeat; and has been retreating earlier and earlier as this unrivaled southern summer … Continue reading

Badlands (Early 2016)

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Each day I sway over the abyss on the razors edge of identity. On one side of the divide is the person I’d like to be, and on the other is the person I’m afraid of becoming… These two termini … Continue reading

The New Orleans Homecoming

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Back at the end of my undergrad experience at Tulane University, the prospect of entering “The Real World” was rather jarring. I had been living in a veritable collegiate wonderland and had an open schedule to a degree I would … Continue reading

San Francisco Terminus

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San Francisco has always been enveloped in a kind of exalted mysticism in my head. It isn’t difficult to identify reasons why the city and its state hold this elevated status for me… From the skate videos I would watch … Continue reading

The Longest Winter

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As my didactic plunge into the unfamiliar world of living and working in a foreign country began to fade in my rear-view mirror, I began a different kind of adventure; that into the warm embrace of nostalgic familiarity – I … Continue reading

The Miami Exodus

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As I begin writing these words I am laying in the bed I slept in most of my childhood growing up in Chicago. I am currently at home in Oak Park for a few days after having left Miami after … Continue reading

The Farm

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Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to the owners’ of Miami Ad School’s Farm, nestled in the Smokey Mountains near Clayton, Georgia. The “Farm Trip” is a bit of a tradition at the Miami Ad School: South Beach … Continue reading